David Lopez is a composer who has the ability to take his listeners into a whole a new world by utilizing his musical abilities and his passion for sound. Driven by curiosity, experimentation and authenticity, he hopes to give his audiences a desire to journey through his art. Whether it would be scoring for a film on the screen, creating a song that reveals his ideas and everyday experiences, to collaborating with different artistic mediums he knows that there will always be story to tell and new ideas to explore. Born an Ohio native, David found his passion for music at a young age, though he started later than most people and had to overcome many personal challenges he would not let these obstacles hinder him in pursing what he loves most.


A man who is constantly driven by learning from his success as well as his failures he applies this in not only is identity as musician, but in his everyday life.  Though his still navigating his way as a performer, he has found that his passion for music is done best behind the scenes.


            He would first discover his passion for music at the age of twelve when he bought his first guitar and would later enter the entertainment world by pursing a Music Business and Recording Arts degree at Terra State Community College where he found began his studies in classical guitar, recording, mixing and composition. He would later continue his studies at the University of North Texas and pursue a degree in Entertainment Business. It was there where he began uses his skills and would started composing for student major and independent films.


His first independent film Quince, in which he collaborated with UNT’s own director Jose Torres of the UNT Mariachi band it would become an award winner in Denton’s own Denton Art and Music Awards for best short film, Festival De Cine Latinoamericano and in the International Houston Film Festival in the year 2017. He would also began studying in the composition program at UNT it was there where he began experimenting with different compositional writing styles.  


David is influenced by genres such as ambient music, hip-hop & r&b, minimalism and progressive metal and is inspired by other composers such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Brian Eno. Although, this doesn’t stop him from wanting to experiment with other genres, let alone creating different inventions and innovations. The possibilities and opportunities are limitless, and he knows that there are countless opportunities that await him. David hopes that while listening to his music it will unravel his world to his audiences or give them a chance to create their own. 


Not only is he does he love music he also loves photography, nature, hiking the study of social sciences, film and exploring local coffee shops. And you can bet that you can create music that are inspired by these passions as well. All you need is a heart to explore and ears to listen.